'Serving hands are better than praying hands'

      S.P.Y.Reddy did an herculean service to irrigation. Even for drinking water for people in his constituency he has done a memorable service; he provided mineral water facility to as many as 500 villages including Nandyal town, free of cost The plants are well functioning as necessary measures are taken for undisturbed water flow .For this purpose, he spared lacks of rupees Not only drinking water; he provides for all the athletes whenever a sport event his undertaken anywhere in the constituency .Who can provide free boarding for hundreds of participants and their followers except by S.P.Y.Reddy? Even festival occasions too are not neglected for free food supply.
      For the farmers who are unable to afford cost in purchasing pipes, Mr.S.P.Y.Reddy planned to give pipes to farmers on rent basis for nominal price i.e Rs.1/- per pipe per day. With this scheme many farmers in this region got benifited. Under this scheme Mr. S.P.Y.Reddy given more than 2 lakhs pipes to the farmers.
      He has established many factories and provided job facility to the youth in lacks. Anyone who seeks his help would never go empty handed.
      In Nandyal we come across very small merchant selling their goods in the Nandyal town. For the last 14 years, S.P.Y.Reddy has been bearing their muncipal tax which runs to crores of rupees. He treats himself as the trusty of all he earns, and spends it for the social good. This is the Gandhain way of living he practices. Small merchants even in done and Peapily are also given the same benefit as their counterparts in Nandyal town.
       He provides quality education to the women from Intermediate level to Post graduation without expecting any gain from this service. This all shows how S.P.Y. Reddy is a divine compassion in human form. He provides high priority to women education. We notice a socially humanist in S.P.Y. Reddy.
       He provides every month, 40 tri cycles, to the physically disabled persons; the money is paid from his M.P.s monthly salary.

      In case of accidents, people sometimes suffer grievous injuries leading to amputation of their hands or legs .For such unfortunate patients, S.P.Y. Reddy has provided experts’ treatments and also provided artificial limbs to all such people from all over the districts, apart from providing free boarding to them all. This assistance reaches nearly 5000 people who lead now a happy and thankful life.
       S.P.Y. Reddy maintains ‘Old age homes, where the poor and the destitute are given facilities for living.
       People say that the proof of pudding lies in the eating. A person is known more by what he has done rather than what he says, Here are certain socially beneficial activities discharged by S.P.Y.Reddy for the good of the society ,of course with his own resouces amounting to crores of rupees. To his credit goes ten thousand wells and as many as fifteen thousand bore wells which provide water to the thirsty villages and animals ,in the Constituency .